Andrew Mann
ADS listing of all publications and conference proceedings.

First Author Publications:

16. How to Constrain your M dwarf II: the mass-luminosity-metallicity relation from 0.70Msun to 0.075Msun
      Mann, Andrew W. ; Dupuy, Trent; Kraus, Adam; et al.
      ApJ in review (see full paper here).

15. Zodiacal Exoplanets in Time (ZEIT) VI: a three-planet system in the Hyades cluster including an Earth-sized planet
      Mann, Andrew W. ; Vanderburg, Andrew; Rizzuto, Aaron C.; et al.
      2018, AJ 155 4.
      Check out some of the press coverage on this system.

14. The Gold Standard: Accurate Stellar and Planetary Parameters for Eight Kepler M Dwarf Systems Enabled by Parallaxes
      Mann, Andrew W. ; Dupuy, Trent; Muirhead, Philip; et al.
      2017, AJ 153 267.

13. Zodiacal Exoplanets in Time (ZEIT) IV: seven transiting planets in the Praesepe cluster
      Mann, Andrew W. ; Gaidos, Eric; Vanderburg, Andrew; et al.
      2017, AJ 153 64.

12. Zodiacal Exoplanets In Time (ZEIT) III:A short-period planet orbiting a pre-main-sequence star in the Upper Scorpius OB Association
      Mann, Andrew W. ; Newton, Elisabeth R.; Rizzuto, Aaron C.; et al.
      AJ 152 61
      Press releases from UT, NOAO, and CfA.

11. Zodiacal Exoplanets In Time (ZEIT) I: A Neptune-sized planet orbiting an M4.5 dwarf in the Hyades Star Cluster
      Mann, Andrew W.; Gaidos, Eric; Mace , Gregory; et al.
      ApJ 818 46
      Check out the UT press release here.

10. How to Constrain Your M Dwarf: measuring effective temperature, bolometric luminosity, mass, and radius
      Mann, Andrew W. ; Feiden, Gregory A.; Gaidos, Eric; Boyajian, Tabetha; von Braun, Kaspar.
      ApJ 804 64
      Data on all 183 stars (Teff, R, [Fe/H], synthetic photometry, model fits) can be found here.

9.   Revised Filter Profiles and Zero Points for Broadband Photometry
      Mann, Andrew W. ; von Braun, Kaspar
      2015 PASP 127 102
      Filter profiles can be found here.

8.   Prospecting in Ultracool Dwarfs: Measuring the Metallicities of Mid- and Late-M Dwarfs
      Mann, Andrew W.; Deacon, Niall; Gaidos, Eric; et al.
      2014 ApJ 147 160
      A copy of the IDL program I use for metallicity calculations is available on github.
      Spectra of all companions can be found here.

7.   Spectro-Thermometry of M dwarfs and their candidate planets: too hot, too cool, or just right?
      Mann, Andrew W.; Gaidos, Eric; Ansdell, Megan
      2013 ApJ 779 188
      Click here for the full version of Table 3.
      Click here for the full version of Table 4.
      Click here to access all spectra used in this paper (Calibrators, KOIs, and Habitable zone candidates).

6.   Testing the Metal of Late-Type Kepler Planet Hosts with Iron-Clad Methods
      Mann, Andrew W.; Gaidos, Eric; Kraus, Adam; Hilton, Eric J.
      2013 ApJ 770 43
      Click here for the full version of Table 1.
      Click here for the full version of Table 2.

5.   Prospecting in late-type dwarfs: a calibration of infrared and visible spectroscopic metallicities of late-K and M dwarfs spanning 1.5 dex
      Mann, Andrew W.; Brewer, John M.; Gaidos, Eric; Lepine, Sebastien; Hilton, Eric J.
      2013 AJ 145 52
      Click here for the electronic version of Table 1.
      Click here for the electronic version of Table 5.
      A copy of the IDL program I use for metallicity calculations is available on github.

4.   They might be giants: luminosity classes, planet frequency, and planet-metallicity relation of the coolest Kepler target stars
      Mann, Andrew W.; Gaidos, Eric; Lepine, Sebastien; Hilton, Eric
      2012 ApJ 753 90
      Click here for the electronic version of Table 1.

3.   X-ray/optical classification of cluster mergers and the evolution of the cluster merger fraction
      Mann, Andrew W.; Ebeling, Harald
      2012 MNRAS 420 2120
      Click here to view a high-resolution version of the X-ray optical overlays.

2.   Ground-Based Sub-Millimagnitude CCD Photometry of Bright Stars using Snapshot Observations
      Mann, Andrew W.; Gaidos, Eric; Aldering, Greg
      2011 PASP 123 909

1.   The Invisible Majority? Evolution and Detection of Outer Planetary Systems without Gas Giants
      Mann, Andrew W.; Gaidos, Eric; Gaudi, B. Scott
      2010 ApJ 719 1454

Selected Other Publications:

31. Zodiacal Exoplanets in Time (ZEIT) V: A Uniform Search for Transiting Planets in Young Clusters Observed by K2
      Rizzuto, Aaron C.; Mann, Andrew W.; et al.
      ApJ in press.

30. The Factory and the Beehive. III. PTFEB132.707+19.810, A Low-mass Eclipsing Binary in Praesepe Observed by PTF and K2
      Kraus, Adam L.; Douglas, Stephanie T.; Mann, Andrew W.; et al.
      2017 ApJ 845 72.

29. M Dwarf Activity in the Pan-STARRS 1 Medium-Deep Survey: First Catalog and Rotation Periods
      Kado-Fong, Erin; Williams, Peter K. G.; Mann, Andrew W.; et al.
      2016 ApJ 833 281.

28. Zodiacal Exoplanets in Time (ZEIT) II. A "Super-Earth" Orbiting a Young K Dwarf in the Pleiades Neighborhood
      Gaidos, Eric; Mann, Andrew W.; Rizzuto, Aaron; et al.
      2016, MNRAS, 1448.

27. The Physical Mechanism Behind M Dwarf Metallicity Indicators and the Role of C and O Abundances
      Veyette, Mark J.; Muirhead, Philip S.; Mann, Andrew W. ; Allard, France
      2016, ApJ, 828, 95

26. The Impact of Stellar Multiplicity on Planetary Systems. I. The Ruinous Influence of Close Binary Companions
      Kraus, Adam L.; Ireland, Michael J.; Huber, Daniel; Mann, Andrew W.; Dupuy, Trent J.
      2016, AJ, 152, 8

25. They are small worlds after all: revised properties of Kepler M dwarf stars and their planets
      Gaidos, Eric; Mann, Andrew W.; et. al.
      2016 MNRAS 457 2877

24. The Enigmatic and Ephemeral M Dwarf System KOI 6705: Cheshire Cat or Wild Goose?
      Gaidos, Eric; Mann, Andrew W.; Ansdell, Megan
      2016 ApJ 817 50

23. Kepler-445, Kepler-446 and the Occurrence of Compact Multiples Orbiting Mid-M Dwarf Stars
      Muirhead, Phillip; Mann, Andrew W.; et al.
      2015 ApJ 801 18

22. Stellar diameters and temperatures - VI. High angular resolution measurements of the transiting exoplanet host stars HD 189733 and HD 209458 and implications for models of cool dwarfs
      Boyajian, Tabetha; ...; Mann, Andrew W.; et al.
      2015 MNRAS 447 850

21. An empirical calibration to estimate cool dwarf fundamental parameters from H-band spectra
      Newton, Elisabeth R.; ...; Mann, Andrew W.
      2015 ApJ 800 85

20. The Near-Ultraviolet Luminosity Function of Young, Early M-Type Dwarf Stars
      Andell, Megan; Gaidos, Eric; Mann, Andrew W.; et al.
      2015 ApJ 798 41

19. Trumpeting M dwarfs with CONCH-SHELL: a catalogue of nearby cool host-stars for habitable exoplanets and life
      Gaidos, Eric; Mann, Andrew W.; et al.
      2014 MNRAS 443 2561

18. Warm ice giant GJ 3470b - II. Revised planetary and stellar parameters from optical to near-infrared transit photometry
      Biddle, Lauren I.; ... Mann, Andrew W.; et al.
      2014 MNRAS 443 1810

17. Wide Cool and Ultracool Companions to Nearby Stars from Pan-STARRS 1
      Deacon, Niall R.; ... Mann, Andrew W.; et al.
      2014 ApJ 792 119

16. M Dwarf Metallicities and Giant Planet Occurrence: Ironing Out Uncertainties and Systematics
      Gaidos, Eric; Mann, Andrew W.
      2014 ApJ 791 54

15. Revised Stellar Properties of Kepler Targets for the Quarter 1-16 Transit Detection Run
      Huber, Daniel; ... Mann, Andrew W. et al.
      2014 ApJS 211 2

14. Spectroscopic Confirmation of Young Planetary-mass Companions on Wide Orbits
      Bowler, Brendan P.; Liu, Michael C.; Kraus, Adam L.; Mann, Andrew W.
      2014 ApJ 784 65

13. A Search for Moderate-Redshift Survivors from the Population of Luminous Compact Passive Galaxies at High Redshift
      Stockton, Alan; Shih, Hsin-Yi; Larson, Kirsten; Mann, Andrew W.
      2014 ApJ 780 134

12. Trawling for transits in a sea of noise: A Search for Exoplanets by Analysis of WASP Optical Lightcurves and Follow-up (SEAWOLF)
      Gaidos, Eric; ... Mann, Andrew W.; et al.
      2014 MNRAS 437 3133

11. The role of galaxy interaction in the SFR-M relation: characterizing morphological properties of Herschel-selected galaxies
      Hung, Chao-Ling; ... Mann, Andrew W.; et al.
      2013 ApJ 778 129

10. Exoplanet Characterization by Proxy: a Transiting 2.15 R_Earth Planet Near the Habitable Zone of the Late K dwarf Kepler-61
      Ballard, Sarah; Charbonneau, David; Fressin, Francois;... Mann, Andrew W.; et al.
      2013 ApJ 773 98

9.   Seventy six T dwarfs from the UKIDSS LAS: benchmarks, kinematics and an updated space density
      Burningham, Ben; Cardoso, C. V.; Smith, L.; Leggett, S. K.; Smart, R. L.; Mann, Andrew W.; et al.
      2013 MNRAS 443 457

8.    An Understanding of the Shoulder of Giants: Jovian Planets around Late K Dwarf Stars and the Trend with Stellar Mass
      Gaidos, Eric; Fischer, Debra A.; Mann, Andrew W.; Howard, Andrew W.
      2013 ApJ 771 18

7.   Objects in Kepler's Mirror May be Larger Than They Appear: Bias and Selection Effects in Transiting Planet Surveys
      Gaidos, Eric; Mann, Andrew W.
      2013 ApJ 762 41

6.   A Spectroscopic Catalog of the Brightest (J<9) M Dwarfs in the Northern Sky
      Lepine, Sebastien; Hilton, Eric; Mann, Andrew W.; Wilde, Matthew; Rojas-Ayala, Barbara; Cruz, Kelle L.; Gaidos, Eric
      2013 AJ 145 102

5.   LHS 2803B: A Very Wide Mid-T Dwarf Companion to an Old M Dwarf Identified from Pan-STARRS1
      Deacon, Niall R.; Liu, Michael C.; Magnier, Eugene A.; Bowler, Brendan P.; Mann, Andrew W.; et al.
      2012 ApJ 757 100

4.   On the Nature of Small Planets around the Coolest Kepler Stars
      Gaidos, Eric; Fischer, Debra A.; Mann, Andrew W.; Lepine, Sebastien
      2012 ApJ 746 36

3.   M2K: II. A Triple-Planet System Orbiting HIP 57274
      Fischer, Debra A.; Gaidos, Eric; Howard, Andrew;... Mann, Andrew W.; et al.
      2012 ApJ 745 21

2.   Transit Analysis Package (TAP and autoKep): IDL Graphical User Interfaces for Extrasolar Planet Transit Photometry
      Gazak, J. Zachary; Johnson, John A.; Tonry, John; Eastman, Jason; Mann, Andrew W.; Agol, Eric.
      2012 Advances in Astronomy 30

1.   A Disk Around the Planetary-Mass Companion GSC 06214-00210 b: Clues About the Formation of Gas Giants on Wide Orbits
      Bowler, Brendan P.; Liu, Michael C.; Kraus, Adam L.; Mann, Andrew W.; Ireland, Michael J.
      2011 ApJ 743 148